About the documentary

The Reveal is now available to view on the video page.

Real Impact Productions have been granted unrestricted access to a leading West London Estate Agent.... Or that was how we wanted it to be seen by press and public alike.

In fact we had been commissioned by Douglas and Gordon to highlight the training their staff received in comparison with their competitors, and the differentials in service and quality this resulted in.

An important but difficult message to get across to a mass audience, so both parties agreed humour was the ideal mechanism.

Under Offer was born.

This 'Mockumentary' could only be carried off by an estate agent who had complete confidence in the professionalism of their staff and a brand that was both solid but quirky. Douglas and Gordon have always been known for unusual marketing campaigns and this had never been tried in the property industry before.


Meet the team

Under Offer

es·tate a·gent (ih-steyt ey-juhnt)

noun British

1. a person that arranges the selling, renting or management of your property

2. a real-estate agent; realtor